Technical Translation Prices

In this section you will find a file of current, archival, as well as national standards that have not yet entered into force on the territory of the Russian Federation with the necessary details
Information about documents is presented in a convenient and familiar form
You can immediately see on the basis of which the changes were made to the document – each standard has an IMS and a change number written in front of it
When you click on the change number, you immediately get into its text
In addition, on a monthly basis, on the basis of the IRS, certificates about the standards changed, canceled and adopted during the month are included, which saves you time searching for the necessary information
Russian classifiers
We worked with the DDC Technical Translation Bureau on an urgent translation of a rather complex Ph
It was only thanks to them that we managed to prepare everything when other bureaus refused to work
From DDC we received a complete high-quality translation on time without the need for editing and our own edits
We will definitely cooperate in the future

Under the table, you should write how many copies of the act were drawn up and how many interested parties received, as well as sign the heads of both enterprises

You will have at your disposal a whole electronic library of publications in your professional field, which will save you from having to store a large amount of printed materials and publications in the office
And with the help of convenient tools presented in the system, you can quickly select the necessary information
Be in and quickly learn about all changes in the industry
Marketing translation Translation of promotional products into target languages, taking into account the specifics of the domestic and target markets
Expand your boundaries with us! – catalogs, brochures, leaflets – presentations – advertising slogans – commercials, etc

The system includes about 200,000 legal, regulatory and technical documents, samples and forms on ecology, court practice materials, instructions for interaction with government agencies and reference materials

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