Technical Expertise

An inspection by Rostekhnadzor is coming, and the specialist does not know where to start and how to prepare for the upcoming procedure? Thanks to the video, you will learn: how to ensure safety at the enterprise, what they pay attention to during the audit, where to see all the industrial safety requirements for the company as a whole and equipment in particular, what documents you need to provide from the enterprise and how to certify employees Saving on fines
Contact our managers to order a technical translation of the presentation and calculate its exact cost
They will tell you about promotions and discounts, as well as advise on additional services

01Labor protectionReference system on the organization of labor protection and preparation of basic documentation on labor protection, issues of interaction with supervisory and control authorities, investigation and recording of accidents at work and occupational diseases, conducting a special assessment of working conditions

The main task of our work is the most accurate transfer of the meaning of the original text from English into Russian
To do this, a technical translator must be well versed not only in highly specialized terminology
Successful technical translation still requires mastery of these terms

Norms, rules, standards and legislation of RussiaThis is an unparalleled professional reference system that contains the largest selection of regulatory, regulatory and technical documents, reference and consulting information for specialists working at large enterprises in the engineering industry
What the system gives:Quick and accurate response to your question Is it convenient for you to search for information on the Internet, but you are not always sure of its completeness and reliability? Smart search in just a couple of seconds will find the information you need in full with a 100% guarantee of relevance, backed by the experience of expert practitioners
Access to a complete collection of documents and materials in all industries

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