National Language Support

This section is an indispensable assistant in solving practical problems facing specialists
The section is regularly updated with new analytical materials, scientific and technical information, comments, articles and consultations on various issues of standardization and metrology

Speaking of technology, one cannot ignore the growing popularity of machine translation
Unfortunately, its reputation has been tarnished by early versions of programs that gave out such translation gems that made us laugh, as a result of which it became synonymous with something incongruous and unprofessional
At this stage in the translation industry, the highest quality and most expensive translation is human translation,
Nevertheless, there are already translators who quite successfully use the machine method in their work, for example, by adapting and editing texts passed through the program

StroytechnologistThe unique professional reference system is your indispensable assistant at the stage of the beginning of the construction of the facility and before its commissioning
It contains technological and reference information on the main issues of organizing construction and construction production, as well as a whole range of unique services and services
What the system gives: A quick and accurate answer to your question credibility? Smart search in just a couple of seconds will find the information you need in full with a 100% guarantee of relevance, backed by the experience of expert practitioners
Access to a complete collection of documents and materials on construction
01Norms, rules, standards and legislation of Russia A professional reference system that combines the largest fund of regulatory documents of the Information Network in electronic form, as well as reference and consulting information, supported by a set of services and services for specialists of large and medium-sized companies in various industries and fields of activity

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