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On October 6, 2022, the State Duma will complete consideration of the draft law, which specifies the anti-crisis measures for 2022, which are aimed at maintaining the economic stability of the country
There is also a related project with fines that will be imposed for non-compliance with the laws mentioned

It’s not easy to find time to attend a specialized industry event
With the help of this section, you will get acquainted with the reports from the most relevant events on standardization, technical regulation, conformity assessment
Such information will allow you to always be aware of current events in the industry, and you will not have to waste precious time attending events in person
The guide contains answers to questions that you, as a specialist, face daily: – interaction with control and supervision authorities in the electric power industry – compliance with the rules for the technical operation of electrical installations – quality control of electric energy – pricing issues and payments for electricity – technological connection to electric networks – conducting procedures for energy and resource saving
These and other topics are fully disclosed, step-by-step algorithms and instructions are given
All reference materials are supported by links to regulatory documents, the necessary samples and forms, comments and expert advice! Classifiers of RussiaThe section contains all-Russian and interstate classifiers
They are divided into groups according to the types of information
The objects of classification and coding in them are technical, economic and social objects used in such areas of economic activity as statistics, finance, banking, accounting, standardization, certification, production and provision services, customs and trade
Classifiers will help you when working with the nomenclatures of documents that are used by various government authorities and international organizations
Find out everything on the topic you need in a couple of clicks! Energy terms and definitionsThe dictionary contains more than 60,000 terms and definitions, each of which is supported by links to regulatory documents and materials, where the meaning of the term is given
Now you can always clarify the meaning of complex concepts and clearly understand how a particular term is interpreted in regulations

Are regulatory requirements ambiguous? Is it difficult to understand how to act in a particular situation that you are faced with at work? Refer to the experience of your colleagues or ask an expert using the system
Such professional support will allow you to cope with any, even the most difficult situation that has arisen in your work
The ability to keep abreast of important changes in the industry
• —tracking changes in requirements for products, processes, technologies
You get a ready-made convenient scheme for changing a regulatory document; the service includes certificates of standards changed, canceled and adopted within a month, which saves you time searching for the necessary information
Russian classifiers
The key feature of the service is the formal style of presentation, which ensures the accuracy of the transfer of information, the correspondence of the document to the original
The grammar of a technical text is distinguished by the use of firmly established phrases, specific terms
It uses impersonal, vaguely personal constructions, often uses impersonalverb forms

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